Beyond Servicing
As a unique Microfinance company,
We ensure that your finances transform and
grow positively
Strategy Is Our Priority
WIth our unique expertise in Strategic planning ,
We ensure that you have a sound financial life
Our Customer. Our Passion
We Take pride in what we.
Therefore we do it to the maximum



Credit Products

The main credit products that WML  engaged in are microcredit, microleasing, and possibly, micro venture-capital . There are some restrictions regarding what the credit extended shall be  used for.

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Savings Products

These are volunteer methods of saving collection that allow the saver to deposit and withdraw, with varying frequency, according to the products liquidity.

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Investment Products

Savings for a specific period of time (90 to  360 days) at very competitive rate

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Advisory Services

WML does not only serve our clients with loans but also furnish them with an approach on how they would operate their business for it to flourish.

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Payment Services

Payment services is one of the financial services that the low income people request in order to have the possibility of transferring money through secure channels.

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We reach out to help
people have a sound financial life