Advisory Services

WML does not only serve our clients with loans but also furnish them with an approach on how they would operate thier business for it to flourish. We adivce on savings and ensure that you are of the future benefits of the products we offer.

When clients apply for loans, we assess and scruntinize them to identify whether or not they really need the money or there is a problem some where which needs to be addressed. Clients can operate thier business effectively and efficiently for thier facilities to be repayed on time without any default.

We anchor on our slogan “Our Customer Our Passion” because right approach is necessary for the right outcome.In order to maximize our potential success, our clients has to be successful.

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    Being a client of WestOne Microfinance has made great impact in my success story. With their reasonable terms and conditions and affordable interest rate on loans I was able to quickly access an amount to complete payment of my Taxi and for servicing and maintaining my car which over years has proved to be difficult and almost impossible. WestOne made it easy … Indeed WestOne is reaching out to help.
    I really appreciate and feel proud to be a part of this great family; I would not hesitate to recommend any other person in need of help.

    Boateng Emmanuel
    Taxi Driver