Savings Products

For microfinance institutions, collecting savings from customers represents a fundamental instrument in achieving sustainability. Saving mobilization allows clients to obtain the resources to finance the growth of the loan portfolio and become independent from subsidies or external financing.

In this part, there are compulsory savings and voluntary savings. Compulsory saving products consist of mechanism of forced saving, which imply that a certain percentage of the supplied loan is held back and placed in a fund that acts as a part guarantee. However, there are also category of persons who normally prefer voluntary saving products. These are volunteer methods of saving collection that allow the saver to deposit and withdraw, with varying frequency and expiry dates, according to the products liquidity. There are other saving mechanisms which will be attractive the general public both in  business or as individuals which may afford them the opportunity to get financial assistance in time of critical need and this shall be also explored as a means of mobilising stable deposits.

The following are saving products available:

Susu Savings

This is a daily savings by individuals or groups with small cash holdings and those who find it difficult to leave their homes and work places take this unique opportunity to save with us.

Savings will be made against sourcing loans in the future or against repayment of loans.


  1. Prospective Customers shall provide 1 passport size photograph and any of the national I.D card ( Voter ID Card, NHIS Card, Driver’s License or Passport )
  2. A minimum of GHS 5.00 shall be accepted to open a Susu savings account.
  3. A monthly levy of GHS 2.00 shall be charged on the account for maintenance monthly upon withdrawal.


1. Accumulated fund in the Susu savings account could be used to assess a loan facility.
2. Saving passbook shall be issued to customers
3. Funds can be saved for future consumption or investment.
3. For payment of children’s school fees.


WestOne Trust Account:

This is product is tailored to support parents or guardians meet the dream needs of their children. The product is designed to cover both children from 0 -19 years with the aim to give the child, a financial head way in life (better educational plans and other target future needs of the child).



  • For children between 0-19 years.
  • Minimum initial deposit is GHS 50.00
  • Minimum monthly deposit is GHS 20.00
  • Minimum balance deposit of 50.00
  • Earn interest of 5% per annum.
  • Interest earned from GHS 300 and above
  • Withdrawals are limited to once every three months.
  • Free standing order/bank drafts to pay school fees.
  • Branded gifts for accounts opened with more than GHS 500 in deposit.


  • Regular SMS alert & accounts statement
  • Child’s account opened with guardian/parent as trustee
  • Child takes full control of account after 18 years of age
  • No COT charges
  • Enjoy a competitive interest rate
  • Offers an opportunity to save for a long term for children
  • A way for guardian to secure loan for wards school fees / hospital bills



  • Trust account opening form completed by parent/guardian.
  • Means of identification such as passport/driver’s license/voter identification card of parent/guardian who will operate the account on behalf of the child.
  • Proof of residential address such as  utility and water bill
  • Two passport size pictures each of applicant and guardian of the child/children.
  • Mandate cards completed by parent/guardian.

This is an account designed to offer individuals or groups an ideal opportunity to save and grow their funds.

1. 3 passport size photograph and any valid I.D card
2. minimum of GHS 20.00 shall be accepted to open a regular savings account.
3. minimum twice monthly withdrawal shall be permitted

1. 3% interest per annum and shall be paid on a minimum amount of GHS 200.00 monthly.
2. Accumulated fund in account could be used to asses a loan.

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