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WEST Fixed Deposit Fund (WFD)

Open a West Fixed Deposit (WFD) Account with us and enjoy the benefits of keeping your savings in a stable location.Clients are required to deposit funds for a specific period at very competitive rates.

WFD is Savings for a specified period of time at a very competitive rate above the Treasury bill rates aimed at meeting short to medium term needs.


  • Investment is fixed for a period of between 91days to 364 days and more.
  • Rollover or reinvestment options available
  • Interest rate can be negotiated  depending on amount or tenor
  • Monthly interest can be withdrawn


  • Returns are higher than the Treasury Bill rates
  • Investment advisory services offered
  • It can be used as collateral when in need of financial assistance
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Being a client of WestOne Microfinance has made great impact in my success story. With their reasonable terms and conditions and affordable interest rate on loans I was able to quickly access an amount to complete payment of my Taxi and for servicing and maintaining my car which over years has proved to be difficult and almost impossible. WestOne made it easy … Indeed WestOne is reaching out to help.
I really appreciate and feel proud to be a part of this great family; I would not hesitate to recommend any other person in need of help.

Boateng Emmanuel
Taxi Driver

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